eli constant

Author of speculative, mind-bending fiction

"Mallory made this a smooth, totally drama-free transaction. She added an element I needed without issue, set out all of her terms clearly and concisely, talked over continuation covers and pricing-- all reasonable-- and really made sure the entire back-and-forth was great. She's highly communicative and talented to boot. Most importantly, the end product was absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to continue the trilogy with her."

breeana puttroff

author of the bestselling series the dusk gate chronicles

"Mallory Rock is one of the most knowledgeable and professional graphic designers in the Indie publishing world. The covers she produces are not only beautiful, but her knowledge of genre and trends guarantees that the custom covers she designs are competitive and belong on top-selling lists. Her work is worth every penny and then some."

Rick Gualtieri

Author of the bestselling tome of bill series

"She brings to the table both incredible talent and a keen business sense. In short, she knows what sells and how to create it. I've worked with her to rebrand my main series (9 books and counting) and couldn't be happier. Where before I had decent standalone covers, now I have a cohesive lineup that ties all of the books together beautifully and gives me strong brand recognition. It's made a tremendous impact upon sell-through, enough so to enable me to take my writing business full-time."

Tilly Wallace

Author of regency paranormal fiction

"Mallory was fabulous to work with, being both prompt and professional. The trilogy she designed evoked exactly the historical and mystical vibe I was seeking for my next Regency shifter series."

Allyson Lindt

USA Today bestselling author

"Working with Mallory was a fantastic experience. She's talented and does amazing work. She answered any questions I had, provided a stunning cover that was perfect for my book and genre, and was friendly, professional, and timely. Fantastic experience all around."

eBook Cover Gallery

The following is a small sampling of cover work I have completed. If you are interested in my cover services, and would like to see more samples from your particular genre, please contact me. I would be happy to provide additional cover designs for you to view.

Interior Design & Formatting Gallery

The following is a sampling of interior book design and formatting work I have completed. 

Logo & Branding Design Gallery

The following is a small sampling of logo design and branding work I have completed.